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Gimp Shortcut Keys

Here's a quick reference and shotcut keys for gimp...

Ctr+N Create new image
Ctr+O Open existing image
Ctr+S Save current image
Ctr+W Close current image

Image Editing

Ctr+Z Undo last change
Ctr+R Redo last change
Ctr+X Cut current image/selection
Ctr+C Copy current image/selection
Ctr+V Paste current image/selection
Shift+Ctr+X Cut current image/selection into named buffer
Shift+Ctr+C Copy current image/selection into named buffer
Shift+Ctr+V Paste current image/selection from named buffer
Ctr+K Clear image/selection with current background color
Ctr+, (comma) Fill current image/selection with current background color
Ctr+. (dot) Fill current image/selection with current foreground color

Image Selection

Ctr+I Invert current selection
Ctr+A Select all image
Shift+Ctr+A Remove all selections
Shift+Ctr+L Create floating selection
Shift+Ctr+F Feather selection
Shift+Ctr+H Sharpen selection

Image Viewing

= (equal) Zoom in image
- (minus) Zoom out Image
1 Zoom 1:1 scale
Shift+Ctr+I Open info window
Shift+Ctr+N Open zoom navigation window
Ctr+T Toggle selection on/off
Shift+Ctr+R Toggle rullers on/off
Shift+Ctr+S Toggle status bar on/off
Shift+Ctr+T Toggles
Ctr+E Shrink wrap window to image size

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